This October Exciting workshops and inspiring talks at Voxxed Days Belgrade

Posted by milos-zikic

Voxxed Days Belgrade - What is your favourite badge?

On October the 1st, the first Devoxx event in the Balkans is taking place in Belgrade - Voxxed Days! Organizers (our friends at HeapSpace) promise more knowledge than you can handle, access to top-notch speakers, great workshops, inspiring talks, and networking. Food, drinks and parties are all included. Well, who wouldn’t like to party with us developers? :)

After you visit the website, you might want to take a closer look at the schedule.

Here are some talks and workshops that we recommend wholeheartedly:

Developing Apps with the Wunderbar

Philipp Richter • Workshop •

The workshop will teach you how to get started developing with the Wunderbar IoT Platform. It will cover onboarding of a sensor kit to your relayr account, first steps with the sensors without coding, a live intro to the Java Script SDK and intros to individual SDKs as per request. The sensors will transmit their measurements automatically to the relayr cloud if the sensors are connected to WiFi and can then be accessed through the SDKs. Currently there is a range of the following platforms: Android, iOS/OSX, C#, Python, NodeJS, Java Script, among others.

Curious to know more?

Messaging infrastructure for Internet of Things

Dejan Bosanac • Talk •

Scale changes everything. Number of connections and destinations went from dozen to thousands, number of messages increased by order of magnitude. What once was quite adequate for enterprise messaging can't scale to support "Internet of Things". We need new protocols, patterns and architectures to support this new world.

Exciting enough?

Introduction to Web Components

Carmen Popoviciu • Talk •

If you’d like to learn more about the new set of standards, and how they pave the way we think and build the web application of the future, than you should hear out Carmen, and her talk about about Web components.

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Full Stack Application Development using JavaScript and NoSQL

Tamas Piros • Workshop •

The workshop would show attendees the best practices when it comes to building a single page web application using only JavaScript. We will build an application with three tiers - a backend tier which will store JSON and binary (image) documents, a middle tier using Node.js/Express and finally a front-end tier which will make use of AngularJS.

Attention, some prerequisites are necessary here!

Nashorn: Javascript on JVM, from Scripts to Desktop and Cloud Apps

Bruno Borges • Talk •

Nashorn is the new Javascript engine inside JDK 8. In this presentation you will see an overview of all the features in Nashorn, how to write shell scripts entirely in Javascript and how to leverage existing Java and Maven libraries, how you can use Nashorn to manage and monitor Cloud services plugging with REST APIs and SDKs, and some really cool demos that will show you all the possibilities, from running simple scripts, to fully capable Desktop applications in JavaFX.

You were born to do Nashorn? :)

React to Scala-JS

Maciek Próchniak • Talk •

The presentation will be introduction to Scala-JS. We'll see (through live coding demo) how (and if) it can be used to create modern web applications.

Interactions with web frameworks will be shown using React framework and some simple OpenStreetMap examples.

The focus of the talk is to give flavor of developing with scala for frontend and try to answer questions - is it production ready, is it worth a try?

Scala goes to the front-line

If we just jogged your curiosity, you might want to buy tickets now, because they are soon to be sold out.

See you in October!