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After just a few months and a few meetups the idea of JS Belgrade has grown from "a small meetup with a few local JS developers talking about some things that they use and like" to something a bit more serious. So far, we had 8 meetups with some great speakers (James Halliday - Substack, Gojko Adžić, Igor Terzić, Bogdan Gavrilović, Goran Gajić and Aleksandar Simović) and we also organized a first Node School event. Most of the meetups were small, up to 30 people, except Angular meetup with almost 90 people. But in a near future we are planning some bigger meetups with very interesting guests from Europe.

First of those meetups is on August 8, 2015 at 5pm @ ICT Hub. You can RSVP here.

Our first guest will be Stephan Bönnemann. Stephan is a web developer, who as of recently lives in Berlin, Germany. He tries to do things that help other people to build a better web. Be it open-source projects like Hoodie, tooling like semantic-release, as well as talks about these projects or community work and conferences like .concat() and Reject.JS.


On our meetup he'll speak about 3 themes - Hoodie, npm and semantic-release.


Hoodie is an Offline First, noBackend architecture.

Its Dreamcode API gives you user signup and administration, data storage, loading, synchronisation and shares, emails and payments and can be extended with plugins. Hoodie is written in JavaScript and Node.JS and relies on CouchDB.

// Description taken from website


npm is lots of things.

  • npm is the package manager for Node.js. It was created in 2009 as an open source project to help JavaScript developers easily share packaged modules of code.
  • The npm Registry is a public collection of packages of open-source code for Node.js, front-end web apps, mobile apps, robots, routers, and countless other needs of the JavaScript community.
  • npm is the command line client that allows developers to install and publish those packages.

// Description taken from npm website


At its core semantic-release is a set of conventions that gives you entirely automated, semver-compliant package publishing. Luckily these conventions make sense on their own, like having meaningful commit messages.

There are over 160.000 packages on npm today, which makes it the biggest ecosystem out there. Using the right packages in your applications makes JavaScript a joy to develop. But if even immensely popular libraries fail to declare and communicate breaking changes, how can we trust over 50.000 strangers who developed all these modules?

Currently we can’t. Let me show you how you can write confidence-inspiring modules with breaking change detection and fully automated and tested releases including changelogs. Machines do a way better job with this than buggy humans.

// Description taken from semantic-release README file, quote by Stephan


This event is free, but since we are limited to 150 people you need to RSVP here.

What's next?

We are preparing a few more great meetups. Our next guest will be Martin Kleppe on September 5, 2015. More info soon.

Our sponsors

This meetup wouldn't be possible without our sponsors, especially Seven Bridges Genomics and ICT Hub! Thanks!

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