JS Belgrade meetup

Posted by rastko

After few anxious weeks of waiting for next JS Belgrade meetup, we had great pleasure of having Stephan Bönnemann give three talks the same day at JS Belgrade meetup #9.

Stephen successfully combined practical knowledge and informative topics keeping audience's attention through the course of meetup. Subjects were Hoodie (rapid web application development suite Stephen is working on), npm and Semantic versioning.

1 Hoodie

Hoodie talk was actually formed around its concepts and future strives. Stephan went on explaining offline first approach which can give us more responsive and more useful web applications, and after that no backend and dreamcode which would give front end developers more "full stack" ability thus pushing the limits of rapid app development and prototyping.

At the end he gave us insight into what is next for Hoodie.

If you want to know more about this talk's subjects, you can visit Hoodie website and Nobackend.org

2 NPMs

This talk could be subtitled "npm tips and tricks", IMHO this was the talk with highest applicability since everyone found out about at least one thing that was unknown before.

Here, Stephan gave us review of features, usages of some very interesting NPM features, including some that we use every day, but not like this :D

3 Semantic-release (semantic versioning)

Last talk was the one to cause the most controversy amongst the engineers in the audience... Obviously because everyone likes to involve the emotions into the development process, bringing the same approach to versioning...

SemVer was, ofc, the focus of the discussion and apart of the conceptual discussion, Stephan has shown us some tools to deal with this kind of versioning. Tools displayed dealt with code in depth, with tests and documentation and all the parameters of the code that should impact actual code version.

Clear final conclusion on the subject was hard, or even impossible to make, but Stephan's approach to explaining the factors that we should take into account when determining new version of our app certainly made it clearer. Tools that we have seen, and ideas that we took out of this talk can have positive impact on most of the dev processes I got to know... not just on versioning.

Lots of the stuff displayed can be found on his Github account.

At the end, the most valua on events like these is in breaks... in pauses between the talks, because that is where magic happens, where community strengthens and where networks are built. I am extremely happy that so many people stayed until the end and hang out with each other and meeting Stephan in person. That is why meetups are organized in the first place - tu build and strengthen the community and promote it's growth.